Watch live-streamed sessions and interviews with attendees.

Keynote One

Building gender equity from the bottom up in agricultural communities

Professor Katherine Gibson, Western Sydney University

9am Wednesday 3 April 2019

Interviews with participants: Wednesday morning

Gender researcher and John Allwright Fellowship Recipient, Dipika Das, speaks with Alex Sloan. 

ACIAR Project Leader and soil scientist, Samantha Grover from RMIT talks with Alex Sloan. 

Research Program Manager for Social Sciences at ACIAR, Dr Jayne Curnow, talks to Alex Sloan about how the Seeds of Change Conference came to be and what she hopes it will achieve

Plenary Panel

A conversation with men champions of gender equality: Challenging harmful masculinities for better development outcomes

1:30pm Wednesday 3 April 2019

Interviews with participants: Wednesday afternoon

With Fiji’s population suffering the highest rate of diabetes in the world, CQU researcher and Crawford Fund scholar, Lydia O’Meara, is educating local farmers on how to overcome and reduce these common but preventable diseases in rural communities.

Sally Moyle, Chief Executive of Care Australia, talks to Alex Sloan.

Michele Mbo’o-Tchouawou from the International Livestock Research Institute talks to Alex Sloan.

ACIAR Pakistan Manager Munawar Raza Kazmi speaks to Alex Sloan.

Nozomi Kawarazuka from CGIAR talks with Alex Sloan.

Interviews with participants: Wednesday evening

Anne Shangrila Fuentes talks with Alex Sloan. 

Libby Swanepoel speaks with Alex Sloan.

Rhiannon Pyburn from CGIAR Gender talks to Alex Sloan. 

Public Lecture

Empowering rural women: policy and practice keys to development

Professor Naila Kabeer, London School of Economics

7pm Wednesday 3 April 2019

Keynote Two

Gender in agricultural research for development as a driver for inclusive transformation

Ms Vicki Wilde, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr Jayne Curnow, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

9am Thursday 4 April 2019

Interviews with participants: Thursday morning

Vicki Wilde from the Gates Foundation talks to Alex Sloan.

Professor Katherine Gibson from Western Sydney University talks to Alex Sloan. Katherine opened the conference delivering the first keynote address which focused on how to build gender equity from the bottom up in agricultural communities. 

Interviews with participants: Thursday afternoon

"We must not conflate women's economic participation with women's empowerment." Following her public lecture, world-renowned feminist development economist, Professor Naila Kabeer from The London School of Economics and Political Science, speaks with Alex Sloan.

Professor Barbara Pamphilon from the University of Canberra speaks with Alex Sloan about the success of the Seeds of Change Conference and how the event will impact future research and discussions around gender in agricultural research for development.

Plenary Panel

The challenges ahead: a provocations plenary

3:30pm Thursday 4 April 2019

Interviews with participants: Thursday afternoon

Bosi Bett, Jane Alver and Geoffrey O’Keefe speak with Alex Sloan about sexual orientation and gender identities in agriculture. 

Dr Jemimah Njuki speaks with Alex Sloan.