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Gender Equality Through Agricultural Research for Development: 2nd to 4th April 2019

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The Seeds of Change Conference, 2019

An interdisciplinary conference for researchers and practitioners in all fields of agriculture (including food/commodity/cash crops, subsistence/semi-subsistence sectors, supply chains, forestry, fisheries, and water management) jointly funded by:

  • Australia­­­n Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research
  • University of Canberra

This page provides links to live-streamed sessions, interviews with conference attendees, hold post-conference papers and publications, and provide a permanent source for content on the main themes.

Please continue to check back for updates!

Who's at the conference?
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Watch sessions live!

We are live-streaming a range of sessions at the conference, including both plenary sessions, both keynotes, and the public lecture.

Watch on our webpage, or on YouTube.

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Interviews with participants

Hear from participants at the conference.

Watch on our pages, or visit the ACIAR Seeds of Change YouTube page. 

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Papers and other resources

All the conference papers and publications will be made available here.