25 May 2020
Increasing productivity and profitability of pulse production in cereal based cropping systems in Pa…
The project page on the ACIAR website contains a summary and official documents such as the Final Re…
24 May 2020
Developing competitive and inclusive value chains of pulses in Pakistan
This page contains a project summary and official documents such as the Final Report.
24 May 2020
Mungbean harvester project Factsheet
This briefly outlines the project goals and research approach, with progress to date. 
23 May 2020
CIM-2014-079 International Mungbean Improvement Network
ACIAR has supported the International Mungbean Improvement Network through several projects with par…
23 May 2020
Field days boost farmer adoption
The project is raising awareness about mechanical harvesting of mung bean amongst farmers communitie…
23 May 2020
Sprouting a new market through mungbean research
This article describes the multidisciplinary and international approach to ACIAR’s mung bean researc…
23 May 2020
Improved mungbean harvesting and seed production systems for Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan
Link to the project page containing summary and official documents such as the Final Report.
03 May 2020
Groundwater project website
This site contains more information about project activities and project partners.
03 May 2020
Efficient participatory irrigation institutions to support productive and sustainable agriculture in…
This project focussed on irrigation in Bihar and Assam, east India, and Sindh and Punjab provinces,…
03 May 2020
Enhancing Farmer Water Management in Pakistan
This links to project reports, an introductory video and other projects of the Centre for Sustainabl…